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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Favourite record covers: Strings for Pleasure Play the Best of Bacharach

    Here is a favourite record cover from Agent Triple P's (very much) younger days.  From the budget Music for Pleasure range this collection of covers of Burt Bacharach hits from 1971 was often played during Saturday morning housework sessions in Triple P's home.  Although, even then, we didn't like cover versions Bacharach's melodies were strong enough to survive any interpretation.  In fact, we remember it being rather good until it got so warped it was unplayable.

    Two other things generate fond memories: Firstly, we thought the cover girl was absolutely gorgeous and we were intrigued by the lump on her otherwise perfect nose: something we still appreciate on a young lady.  Secondly, it was the record we had on during our very first serious kissing session.  We remember wondering whether to get up and change sides on the record  as we were worried the young lady in question might get up and break the mood.  She didn't, fortunately, and we flipped the record quite a few times afterwards.  

    Triple P has managed to track down a copy of this so, hopefully, we can get our digital conversion turntable working again.

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Favourite record covers: Strings for Pleasure Play the Best of Bacharach

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