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Friday, 7 June 2013

Heliconia[Erect Heliconias]

    Heliconias are the most commonly known tropical flowering plants with most people living in tropical climates having at least one in their garden. Many people call them Birds of Paradise however this is only one flower - the Stralitsia - in a large family of plants that vary in size from dwarf species like to dwarf Jamaicans to massive tree size plants such as traveller palms and dinosaur. They are often associated with Banana plants as the shape of the leaf is very similar.

    Most heliconias can be broken down into 3 types, Psittocorums, Erect Heliconias and Pendant Heliconias. They are all great for landscaping and creating colour within a garden. Differences in height, foliage colour and structure allows a variety of texture to be achieved when they are used in a garden. They mix well with gingers to create a different layers and plant structure within a landscape while maintaining that lush tropical feel. Fantastic for screening, heliconias grow well in the tropical and sub-tropical climates of Queensland and northern NSW with some varieties such as stralitsia also thriving in Southern NSW and Victoria.

     Heliconia[Erect Heliconias]

     Heliconia[Erect Heliconias]

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Heliconia[Erect Heliconias]

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